Corto in italian means "short". This is a collection of short stories about Italy, born from collaborations, assignments and chance.

As a term in the film industry, “Corto” defines any movie that is not long enough to be considered a feature film. Short movies are often made by independent filmmakers for non profit, either with a low budget, or no budget at all. They are by nature experimental and often socially concerned. I used the term “Corto” to call this serie of books produced in Italy about Italy. 

I asked myself for a long time what does it mean to promote culture and give birth to new thinking. These projects want to narrate some specificities of the Italian territory and history. Each “corto” attempts to investigate an idea. Without any doubt, I see myself coming back to the peripheries as a possible soil for our society, empty but fertile.

The books will be donated to public libraries, cultural associations, schools and local governments. If you are a public organization you can contact me to get your copy for free. If you are a reader, how can you help? The books will be also sold in paper and digital. You can buy the books to support my work for the future.