Bianchi is a documentary photographer. She tells stories with words, photos and videos investigating invisible aspects of reality such memory, spirituality and feminism. 

Her work has been published in The Guardian, National Geographic, Marie Claire, PDN, TIME, American Photo Magazine, Huffington Post, La Repubblica, Internazionale, and other magazines and books. Her diverse photography projects have been exhibited internationally as exhibitions, screenings and installations at festivals, galleries and museums.

She is the author of the WOMENPRIESTSPROJECT that explores the life of roman catholic women priests that are excommunicated by the Vatican because they disobey a law that says that only a male can be ordained priest.

Currently she is living in Italy working for major catholic magazines, teaching photography in several schools and associations. She has also created an independent educational path called “Foto e Spirito” that has enrolled over 100 students in the first two years.

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