On going...

1984, Diane Dougherty made these drawings while she was in the convent. 

From the interview with her: "Never.  I never wanted to be a #nun.  Never, never, never, because I didn’t… I didn’t wanna dress like that, I didn’t wanna be a nun like that… I knew in my heart this was not for me, but there was no other model. In 1963 I entered and then I stayed there, and it was Vatican two so we were changing, we built a chapel. I stayed there 28 years.

When you become a nun, you have to change your name. Yes I did.  I was Sister Bryan Marie for about a year and a half, but then we changed back to our baptismal name because your vocation comes from your baptism; that’s the theology.  The men made you change your name because they wanted you, as a woman, to give up all identification of who you are for the church. That was the old theology.  That was their theology that was imposed on us."

Gabrielle changed his gender performance only few years ago. Since that moment she wasn't welcome anymore by the family and the parish. The First Metropolitan Community church in Atlanta welcomes all "wandering Catholics".